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capabilities and equipment 

Acme Foundry specializes in highly complex, cored and engineered gray iron castings. We currently serve more than 100 domestic and international customers comprised of small and large manufacturers involved in a diverse group of industries. In recent years, Acme Foundry produced up to 25,000 tons of finished casting per year. 

Of all the parts produced at Acme Foundry, approximately 65% are used in the fluid power industry, 10% in transmission machinery, 10% in the petro-chemical industry and 15% in other sectors. 

Typical castings range in size from 1 to 300 lbs and are produced in up to Class 55 gray iron including specialized highly alloyed grades. 

All production utilizes 100% Green Sand molding with maximum flask dimensions of 24" x 36" x 24" and Acme's complete core capabilities consist of Shell, Isocure, and Airset.

Acme’s experienced engineering staff work with customers to design castings and tooling that meet the goals of high quality and low-cost manufacturability. The use of the latest computer software technology such as Pro-E, CAD, and solidification modeling are an integral part of this process.

Since the beginning, Acme Foundry has been highly committed to quality control. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Control Program ensures that all castings manufactured will meet all of our customers’ requirements. Each casting is produced according to customer specifications, drawings and patterns. Incoming pattern equipment is carefully reviewed to determine the compatibility of the equipment with Acme Foundry’s production practices.

During each stage of the production process – melting, molding, core, shakeout, final grinding and internal cleaning – a number of stringent controls are in place to assure the highest quality final product. Rigorous testing also occurs at critical stages of the production process. Test records and findings of the Quality Control Program are retained in the Quality Control Lab for a period of ten years.


Core Room:

12 – SF6 B&P Shell Core Machines

15 – U180 Shalco Shell Core Machines

1 – HS-22L Redford Horizontal Part Shell Core           Machine 

4 – Vertical Parting Redford Cold Box Machines

4 – Horizontal Parting Redford Cold Box Machines

1 – B&P Core Blower

1 – Dependable Sand Mixer

1 – Dependable Air Set Sand Mixer

2 – Beardsly Piper Top Blow Core Machines

1 – Horeback Core Dry Oven

1 – Crown Electric Pallet Jack

1 – Feco Automated Conveyor Core Oven



      1 – Osborn In-Line Molding Machine

      2 – FBO II Sinto 16” x 20” Molding Machines

      1 – FBO III Sinto 20” x 26” Molding Machine

      2 – B&P Speedmullers

      2 – Hartley Compactability Controllers




1 – 78” Diameter Water-cooled, Oxyen-injected Cupola

1 – Electro-Nite Carbon & Silicon Determinator

2 – Shepard Niles 7.5 Ton Mags

1 – 6 Ton Inductotherm Holding Furnace







      2 – Aisco Rotary Shakeout Machines










2 – 22 cu. ft. Shot Blast Machines

1 – 11 cu. ft. Shot Blast Machine

1 – 9 Station Index Hanger Type Shot Blast Machine

11 – Wall Grinders

11 – Finish Grinders



      Internal Cleaning:

      60 – Fiber Optic Borescopes

      2 – 2 Station Internal Blast Cabinets

      7 – Blast Blowout Cabinets

      4 – Blowout Cabinets

      1 – Fiber Optic Flex Scope

      1 – Clark Electric Pallet Jack



Quality Control:

 1 – Thermo Jarrell Ash Vacuum Spectrometer

 1 – D.E.A. Coordinate Measuring Machine

 1 – Tinius Olsen Brinell Hardness tester

 1 - Wilson Brinell Hardness Tester

 1- King Portable Brinell Hardness Tester

 1 – Simpson (Gerosa) Permeability  Tester