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Magic Circle Mfg. is the machining division of Acme Foundry Inc. which provides complete machining services to those Acme customers who prefer their castings be machined complete prior to shipment to their facility.    Magic Circle is a self sufficient manufacturing facility capable of producing product compliant with our customers dimensional as well as delivery requirements.  We manufacture a wide variety of products for several industries throughout the United States, Mexico, and China.  Industries we serve include Hydraulics, Oil Field, Earth Moving, and Air Brake Systems to mention a few.

Our tool room is equipped with a variety engine lathes, Bridgeport mills, grinders, and jig bores. This equipment along with our highly skilled machinist allows us to support our manufacturing operation in many areas. The tool room designs and builds all of the work holding fixtures used throughout our facility be it hydraulic or manual. Unlike many manufacturing shops, the ability to make our own fixturing allows us to reduce the lead times for product delivery to our customers by as much as 80%