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Established 1905

(620) 251-6800
7am – 4pm
1502 S. Spruce St.
Coffeyville, KS 67337

Quality, Versatile Foundry Services

Acme Foundry specializes in manufacturing highly complex, cored and engineered gray iron castings. Our cutting-edge foundry delivers a complete range of molding, melting and casting solutions.

From engineering and design to machining, assembly and testing, we offer superior manufacturing capabilities to tackle all of your iron casting prototype and production needs.

Core Room

Acme Foundry delivers complex custom core-making solutions from our fully-equipped core room.

Foundry Molding and Melting Services

Our cutting-edge foundry is equipped with the casting industry’s most advanced and efficient molding and melting equipment, enabling us to produce your custom gray iron castings with precision.

Shakeout, Internal Cleaning and Precision Metal Finishing

Acme Foundry can deliver your quality gray iron castings fully finished. Additionally, our foundry is equipped with the latest shakeout and internal cleanup equipment to offer complete gray iron casting solutions with streamlined efficiency.

Diverse Foundry Production Solutions & Gray Iron Casting Services Since 1919

We currently serve more than 100 domestic and international customers comprised of small and large manufacturers involved in a diverse group of industries. Typically, Acme Foundry produced up to 25,000 tons of finished casting per year.

Of all the parts produced at Acme Foundry, approximately 65% are used in the fluid power industry, 10% in transmission machinery, 10% in the petro-chemical industry and 15% in other sectors.

Typical castings range in size from 1 to 300 lbs and are produced in up to Class 55 gray iron, including specialized highly alloyed grades.