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Common Industrial Products Manufactured from Cast Gray Iron

Cast gray iron provides a number of unique material advantages which make it ideal for manufacturing various industrial products. Below we discuss some of the most common commercial and industrial uses for gray iron, along with the benefits that the material offers in each unique application.

The Most Common Industrial Uses for Gray Iron Castings

Heavy Equipment and Transportation

Widely used in the automotive manufacturing industry, gray cast iron is also widely used in the commercial transportation sector and heavy equipment applications. From cast iron suspension components to engine blocks and exhaust manifolds, the material’s exceptional thermal conductivity and NVH damping properties make it ideal for many components that power commercial and industrial transport.

Industrial Pipes and Fittings

Gray cast iron pipes and fittings are used throughout the industrial sector for plumbing, drainage, and cooling systems. It’s a cost-effective material for manufacturing custom pipes and fittings while offering good corrosion resistance and outstanding strength to stand up to tough factory environments.

Compressor Housings and Hydraulic Pump Components

Grey iron is a commonly used material for industrial compressor housings and cylinders, as well as various hydraulic pump parts. With exceptional compressive strength, the material is able to reliably withstand the high pressures and vibration generally inherent in these applications.

Factory Machine Mounts and Structures

The exceptional vibration damping properties of gray cast iron make it especially well-suited for the fabrication of machine tool structures, bases, and mounts. Not only does the material help reduce noise and vibration, it can also enhance machine precision and reduce manufacturing errors.

Other Industrial Machinery Components

Gray iron is commonly used to manufacture many other various industrial components and machinery parts such as gears, pulleys, and machine housings. Gray iron’s damping properties help keep factory workplaces safer, quieter, and more comfortable, while also offering great wear resistance and durability for an extended service life.

Agricultural Equipment

Gray cast iron is also commonly used in various agricultural machinery components such as plow shares, tillers, related mounts and brackets, other tractor parts, as well as irrigation system components. The material’s damping properties combined with its wear resistance and compressive strength make it ideal for commercial agricultural and farming applications.

Why Choose Gray Iron as a Manufacturing Material?

In addition to the application-specific benefits discussed above, gray iron offers a number of general material advantages. It exhibits outstanding thermal properties, great compressive strength, and exceptional damping properties which make it well-suited for applications of noise, vibration, harshness (NVH) reduction. Learn more about the unique material advantages of gray iron in our previous blog – Physical and Mechanical Advantages of Gray Iron Material.

Quality American Gray Iron Castings Since 1905

Based out of Coffeyville, Kansas, Acme Foundry has served for well over a century as one of the nation’s leading foundries specializing in gray iron castings. An ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, our company ensures superior quality control backed by responsive customer service for every project.  From core-making to molding to custom CNC machined castings, Acme is your single-source American foundry solution.