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Why Choose Gray Iron Casting Over Ductile Iron Casting

Everything You Need to Know About the Applications and Benefits of Acme’s Gray Iron Casting Solutions

Acme Foundry is one of America’s leading manufacturers of high-quality gray iron castings. Our state-of-the-art foundry is equipped with some of the industry’s most capable core-making technology to provide your business with truly efficient and optimized custom casting solutions.

What exactly are the advantages of Acme’s superior gray iron casting services when compared to conventional ductile iron casting options?

Five Benefits of Gray Iron Casting vs. Ductile Iron Casting

  1. Osborn molding lineImproved Vibration Damping – Compared to ductile iron material, gray iron dampens vibrations more effectively. This is a critical attribute for precision machining applications that require minimum vibration to achieve close tolerances, as well as a multitude of applications that require reduced NVH attributes (noise, vibration and harshness).
  2. Increased Machinability – As a material, gray cast iron is much easier to machine than ductile iron. This is due to the metallurgical properties of gray iron, which allow it to be precision CNC machined faster, more reliably and consistently.
  3. Decreased Production Costs –  Because it is relatively easier to both produce and machine gray cast iron products, this material can offer significant cost savings in commercial applications that do not require the other metallurgical properties of ductile iron.

Five Common Product Applications for Gray Cast Iron

As a readily available, lightweight and affordable metal, gray cast iron is the ideal material for a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors. For example, any manufacturing application that requires enhanced vibration damping (e.g. equipment frames and fixtures). Other common product applications for gray cast iron include:

  • Cleaning and grinding 5Industrial valves and fittings
  • Compressors, pumped and other pressurized systems
  • Commercial construction equipment
  • Power plant components (e.g. diesel engine components)
  • Various vehicle and transportation system products

Your Single-Source Domestic Manufacturer of Premium Gray Iron Casting Products

At Acme Foundry, our core room is integrated with advanced engineering, design and testing equipment to ensure all of our gray iron casting products are manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 quality certification standards. From relatively simple custom castings to highly cored, complex components, Acme Foundry sets the bar with superior American manufacturing quality and consistency.