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The Advantages of American Foundry Services Compared to Offshore Competitors

Throughout the modern iron casting industry, “made in the USA” goes hand-in-hand with quality manufacturing and customer service. That’s because experienced American foundries like Acme are generally more focused on achieving higher quality and consistency compared to generic, offshore competitors. In fact, you’re likely to find that many of those types of companies are focused solely on whittling down costs as much as possible. Not to mention it’s usually a lot easier to work with us and communicate the details of your project effectively, considering there are no language barriers or corporate bureaucracy standing in the way.

Nevertheless, a lot of today’s domestic vendors opt to offshore the manufacturing of their custom casted products in an effort to minimize the cost per part. While it’s true that materials and labor are often cheaper overseas, your overall project becomes much less lean and sustainable.

You also have to factor in the increased shipping costs and logistics (along with the greater potential for delivery delays) as well as the potential quality issues that can be much more difficult to address. When you add it all up, you may find that American foundry services are just as (if not more) cost-effective than offshore options, while also removing many of the headaches and complications that come with an international supply chain.

Five Reasons to Choose an American Foundry for Your Custom Casting Services:

1. Better Communication, Customer Service, and Collaboration

Choosing a quality-focused American foundry facilitates much more open and efficient communication for the duration of your project. As with any manufacturing service, communication is key to ensuring your products are built exactly the way you want them – especially when producing extremely complex castings or difficult-to-manufacture products with highly intricate designs and geometries.

2. Greater Flexibility in Manufacturing

Working with a domestic foundry gives you greater flexibility, opening up your project to a more versatile range of manufacturing capabilities. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop a customized manufacturing solution which meets their unique casting needs as effectively as possible.

3. Shorter Lead Times and Rapid Turnaround

One of the prime advantages of American foundry services is our ability to provide shorter lead times and quicker turnaround. Our lean manufacturing processes can substantially reduce your delivery time while also minimizing any potential delays. Furthermore, we can more easily expedite orders for local customers without running into shipping or supply chain issues.

4. Better Quality Control and Product Consistency

American foundries can also offer better quality control over our custom casting services. Since we are located in close proximity to our customers, their product engineers and inspectors are able to analyze the casting process in person and keep tabs on all results. This can help catch any quality control issues early on in the production process when they are much easier, and often cheaper, to remedy.vAdditionally, Acme Foundry is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American provider. Our quality certification further ensures the consistency of our results.

5. A Leaner, More Sustainable Manufacturing Solution

Modern manufacturing is all about being as lean and sustainable as possible. Not only because it reduces manufacturing costs and waste, but also because leanness makes the process much more flexible and adaptable to future market developments. As one of America’s leading iron foundries since 1905, Acme brings more than 115 years of experience to the table in order to devise the leanest, most sustainable custom casting services possible.