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Advantages of the Casting Process vs. Other Manufacturing Services

Metal casting services offer a number of unique advantages compared to other industrial manufacturing methods. The casting process offers virtually unlimited flexibility in product design: instead of being limited by the machining or fabrication technology in use, custom cast components can be completely optimized based on functional performance, strength, and weight requirements.

The casting process allows contract manufacturers to produce complex part geometries on the external surface of a part, as well as within the external cavities. The latter is one of the main advantages of metal casting services: the process produces highly complex internal geometries much easier than other manufacturing methods, without extensively adding to the cost of production.

Five Benefits of Metal Casting Services

A Highly Economical Manufacturing Solution

Metal casting services are one of the most cost-effective ways to approach low-volume manufacturing projects. Compared to various machining and other metalworking solutions, casting requires a relatively low upfront cost and inexpensive tooling. Generally, the setup time for casing projects is also reduced, further minimizing labor costs.

Casting is able to produce complex geometries with relative ease, making it potentially much cheaper for precision manufacturing projects. Furthermore, some components can be cast as finished products, requiring no costly post-production machining or secondary operations.

Capable of Producing Complex Internal Geometries

Casting services are one of the most effective ways for producing highly complex internal geometries on components and assemblies featuring internal cavities. Virtually any custom shape, features, and cross-sections can be cast. For extremely complex, close-tolerance, and high-precision geometries, subtractive manufacturing methods such as CNC machining can easily remove excess material from the desired areas.

Extremely Efficient and Sustainable for High-Volume Manufacturing

When it comes to material usage, the casting process is an extremely efficient and sustainable manufacturing method. This is especially true for high-volume runs, in which the material savings are compounded by hundreds or thousands of products. There is minimal wasted metal in the casting process, and most excess metal can be recycled and re-cast.

Virtually No Limit to Part Size

Another advantage of metal casting services is that there is virtually no limit to the size of the part. Cast components can range from less than a pound in weight up to thousands of pounds. Essentially, no matter how large or complex the part design is, the casting process is able to produce it reliably.

Over a Century of Quality American Casting Services

Established in 1905 in Coffeyville, Kansas, Acme Foundry has proudly remained one of America’s leading gray iron casting providers for well over a century. Our company is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer committed to delivering superior quality, consistency, and customer service for your custom casting project.