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Established 1905

(620) 251-6800
7am – 4pm
1502 S. Spruce St.
Coffeyville, KS 67337

American-Made Gray Iron Castings: Why You Should Choose Acme Foundry

There are potentially thousands of foundries worldwide that have the capacity to manufacture custom gray iron castings. So what does Acme Foundry offer that your average run-of-the-mill provider lacks?

In short: the best production equipment, technology, and customer service, all backed by 115+ years of experience in superior American manufacturing solutions.

Well Over a Century of Quality American Manufacturing Experience

Acme Foundry was established more than 115 years ago in 1905 – back when the modern domestic manufacturing sector was still in its infancy. Our company has proudly evolved alongside the industry, adopting new casting technologies and state-of-the-art machining solutions to keep pace with the market’s need for higher precision, complexity, and consistency.

In-House CNC Machining Services for Custom Machined Castings

Many domestic foundries only perform metal casting services without the capacity to handle other post-production requirements. Customers are then required to contract a third-party machine shop. Third-party contract manufacturers aren’t inherently inefficient, but they do tend to complicate your project’s logistics and supply chain.

At Acme Foundry, we offer integrated CNC machining services through our Magic Circle machining division. Our in-house precision machining capabilities lets us streamline the overall production of custom machined gray iron castings while ensuring quality and consistency every step of the way.

Superior Quality Control for Your Products

Our integration of cutting-edge casting and machining technology is complimented by our robust quality control program. Acme is an ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer committed to achieving superior quality, consistency, and lean manufacturing efficiency with every project. Furthermore, we strive to achieve 100% on-time delivery of all products and complete customer satisfaction at every level.

An Opportunity to Onshore Your Project

Onshoring and reshoring production back to America has been an ongoing trend that was accelerated by the pandemic and other ongoing global supply chain disruptions. Acme offers the opportunity to reshore your manufacturing operations with one of the nation’s most experienced, well-established foundries – along with all of the other advantages of onshore manufacturing:

  • Shorter lead times overall and rapid turnaround for critical products.
  • Reduced costs and logistical complexity in shipping, along with less risk of delayed deliveries.
  • Far more responsive customer service backed by engineering experts who understand the specific requirements of your products and market.
  • Leaner, more local manufacturing services simplify your supply chain and make your overall project more sustainable.

The Nation’s Leading Manufacturer of Custom Gray Iron Castings

Founded in 1905, Acme is proud to be one of the nation’s longest-serving foundries specializing in the manufacturing and machining of gray iron castings. Located in Coffeyville, Kansas, our company is backed by more than 115 years of superior quality and customer service.