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What Does Your Foundry Offer? Common Foundry Manufacturing Services Explained

Casting services encompass a wide range of production processes common to many of today’s foundries. Below, we discuss what is commonly meant by custom casting services, as well as related manufacturing services such as coremaking and machined castings.

Custom Casting Services and Other Foundry Manufacturing Solutions

Custom casting services by name generally entail the melting of metal and molding it into cast metal components. For example at Acme, we specialize in the manufacturing of custom gray cast iron components used across a wide range of industries and applications.

However, foundry casting services also include the manufacturing of the molds themselves, custom coremaking for components with complex internal geometries, as well as post-production CNC machining of molds and cast components.

Custom Coremaking

In the molding and casting process, custom designed cores are used to reliably create complex internal cavities within molded components. More complex the internal geometries require complex coremaking capabilities to ensure all design specifications and tolerances are met. More precisely designed cores also cut down on post-production requirements, because the cast components will more closely match the finished product straight out of the mold.

At Acme Foundry, we produce our custom engineered cores in-house to ensure the highest manufacturing consistency possible.

Custom CNC Machined Castings

Gray iron casting is a versatile manufacturing process capable of producing intricate part geometries, both externally and for internal cavities. Nevertheless, today’s precision cast products often demand even more complex shapes with tighter tolerances that cannot be achieved through the iron casting process alone.

Essentially, we manufacture iron castings as close to the final product design as possible. After the molding process is complete, each casting is transferred to a CNC machining center which precisely cuts away any excess material while adding more intricate machining features. This allows us to achieve the exact desired shapes, geometries, and tolerances in-house for virtually any unique iron casting project.

Acme’s in-house CNC machining services allow us to produce turnkey cast products and assemblies meeting even the most complex design specifications, ready for installation or delivery to your customers.

Quality American Iron Casting and CNC Machining Services Since 1905

Founded in 1905 in Coffeyville, Kansas, Acme Foundry is one of the nation’s longest-serving foundries specializing in the manufacturing and machining of gray iron castings. Our company has proudly remained one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of a wide range of custom castings for over 115 years through our superior quality, consistency, and customer service.