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An Overview of CNC Machining Services for Gray Cast Iron

Many gray cast iron components and assemblies require secondary CNC machining operations to achieve the desired end product design, geometry, and/or tolerances. In fact, ease of machinability is one of gray iron’s most desirable properties: the material can be custom machined relatively easily while maintaining a high level of accuracy and consistency.

Foundries and other contract manufacturers of gray cast iron will often only perform the basic metal casting services. Customers then must incorporate a secondary machining service provider into their supply chain, along with all of the associated complexities in shipping and logistics.

However, at Acme Foundry, we offer an in-house CNC machine shop through our Magic Circle machining division. This enables us to streamline the entire casting and custom machining process, ensure superior quality control every step of the way, and simplify your overall supply chain.

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Machining for Gray Cast Iron Products

What Is Machined Gray Cast Iron?

Gray iron casting is a versatile manufacturing process capable of producing complex part geometries, both externally and for internal cavities. Nevertheless, today’s precision metalworking applications often require complex shapes with close tolerances which cannot be achieved through casting alone.

Essentially, machined gray iron parts are designed and cast as close to the finished product as possible. After they are produced, each casting is fed through a preprogrammed CNC machining center which precisely cuts away excess material in order to achieve the exact desired shapes, geometries, and tolerances.

Acme’s complete in-house CNC machining services enable our company to manufacture turnkey castings and assemblies ready for installation or delivery to your customers.

Common Examples of Custom Machined Cast Iron Products

  • Hydraulic components including industrial valves and fittings.
  • Machine gears and other industrial gearing systems.
  • A wide range of linkages, fittings, brackets, and bases for industrial equipment applications.
  • Turbine and compressor housings, e.g. for wind turbines and turbocharger systems.
  • Cast and machined suspension components for industrial, commercial, and consumer automotive applications.

Quality Cast and Machined Components Since 1905

Acme is an American foundry and CNC machining service provider specializing in quality gray cast iron products. Founded in 1905 in Coffeyville, Kansas, our company has proudly remained one of the industry’s leading contract manufacturers for well over a century.