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Established 1905

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Machined Cast Iron at Acme Foundry – Streamlining Your Project and Supply Chain

Many of today’s more complex cast iron products require additional CNC machining services after casting in order to achieve relatively intricate end product designs. That actually brings up a major advantage of gray iron casting: the material’s ease of machinability allows us to produce complex, highly customized machined castings quickly and cost-effectively.

Many foundries only perform the basic metal casting services, leaving customers to seek out and incorporate a third-party CNC machine shop into their project. As you can imagine, that tends to complicate your project, adding extensive complexity in scheduling, shipping, and logistics.

However, at Acme Foundry, we offer an in-house CNC machine shop through our Magic Circle machining division. This enables us to streamline the entire casting and custom machining process, ensure superior quality control every step of the way, and simplify your overall supply chain.

The Advantages of Acme’s Machined Cast Iron Solutions:

Streamlining Your Project and Overall Supply Chain

Having both casting and machining operations in one facility reduces the need for transportation between different locations, minimizing delays and scheduling issues between separate manufacturers. Plus, with an integrated setup, our lead times from raw material to finished product is significantly reduced, allowing for quicker delivery to our customers.

Better Quality Control and Product Consistency

Our integrated machining division helps Acme Foundry maintain precision quality control throughout the entire production process. We ensure the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability every step of the way – from the foundry to the finished product.

Integrating our foundry and CNC machining services means we can identify any casting defects and rectify the issue before the components are sent off for machining and finishing. Typically, utilizing other foundries and third-party machine shops, such an issue could temporarily derail and delay your entire project. At Acme, we strive to achieve 100% on-time delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

Minimizing Your Production Time and Costs

Acme’s integrated machining solutions eliminate the need for you to transport your castings to a separate machine shop, thus reducing your transportation costs and part handling fees. More importantly for many projects, it removes all of the usual time and logistical headaches you would otherwise waste trying to schedule your project between multiple manufacturers. Our streamlined contract manufacturing services simplify your overall project, removing both time and complication from the process. That typically means better response to new developments and shorter lead times.

Common Examples of Custom Machined Cast Iron Products:

  • Machined castings for industrial hydraulic equipment including valves and fittings.
  • Cast and machined gears, gear cases, and gear boxes.
  • Machined hub and rotor castings.
  • Cast and machined mounting plates and brackets.
  • Complex machined castings such as turbine and compressor housings.

Quality Machined Cast Iron Components Since 1905

Acme Foundry provides quality casting services backed by integrated CNC machining services. Founded in 1905 in Coffeyville, Kansas, our company has remained one of the nation’s leading sources for quality custom machined castings for well over a century.