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Established 1905

(620) 251-6800
7am – 4pm
1502 S. Spruce St.
Coffeyville, KS 67337

Premium American Castings from One of the Midwest’s Premier Foundries

When it comes to custom casting services, “Made in the U.S.A.” typically signifies higher quality products backed by better support. American foundries have long been respected as industry leaders throughout the iron casting industry, consistently setting the standard in both quality and responsiveness.

Established all the way back in 1905, Acme Foundry has been raising that bar for well over a century.

Why Choose Acme’s “Made in the U.S.A.” Castings:

  • Quality-built castings manufactured to your exact specifications right here in Coffeyville, Kansas.
  • Reduced lead times and quicker turnaround to meet your tight production schedules.
  • Eliminate a lot of the cost, complexity, and headaches with shipping, inventory, and logistics.
  • Responsive customer service from our team of casting experts who understand the importance of full product support.

Better Communication, Better Collaboration

Compared to our overseas competitors, Acme’s American casting solutions give your project a much better platform for communication and collaboration. Contact our team and you’ll receive a prompt response with expert guidance for any aspect of your contract manufacturing project – no language barriers, no lengthy delays, no passing your inquiries off to a third party who may not even get back to you.

We’re always standing by to collaborate when you need to, especially in the design and early product development stages of your project. This joint effort between our teams is key to ensuring your end products meet your exact specifications and performance requirements.

Faster Turnaround Time for Your Products

One of the biggest benefits to choosing a local foundry is our ability to deliver faster turnaround times. Our streamlined casting processes can substantially reduce your delivery time while also minimizing any potential production delays. Furthermore, we can more easily expedite orders for local customers without running into shipping or supply chain issues.

Greater Flexibility in Manufacturing

Working with a local foundry can provide greater flexibility to your project through a more versatile range of manufacturing capabilities. We collaborate closely with our customers to develop a customized solution which meets your exact production needs as efficiently as possible. Our flexible contract manufacturing capabilities are especially beneficial to complex casting projects, as well as specialized castings and smaller production runs which demand a more unique manufacturing solution.

Better Quality Control and Product Consistency

Local foundries like Acme can also generally offer better overall quality control and consistency. Since we are located in closer proximity to our customers, their product engineers and inspectors are able visit our facilities in person if required. This can help ensure a truly optimized production process is established and maintained.

Additionally, Acme Foundry is an ISO 9001:2015 certified American provider. Our robust quality control processes further ensure the consistency of our end products.

Quality American Castings and Foundry Services Since 1905

Founded all the way back in 1905, Acme Foundry has remained one of America’s leading foundries for well over a century. Based out of Coffeyville, Kansas, our company is the leading manufacturer of custom gray iron castings for customers throughout the Midwest region, the Central U.S. and beyond.